‘Moon Rings’, ‘Chemo Angel’

Mixed media with poems by Stephen Mead

Moon Rings

Chemo Angel

A resident of New York, Stephen Mead is a published artist, writer, and maker of short collage films and sound-collage downloads. His latest publish-on-demand Amazon release is the art-text hybrid, According to the Order of Nature (We too are Cosmos Made). His poetry has been published in Great Works, Unlikely Stories, Quill & Parchment, and other zines. Check out his website!

‘Houdini’s Angel’, ‘Teenage angst has paid off well’, ‘Halfway to Heaven’

Photos by Robbie Masso

Houdini’s Angel

Teenage angst has paid off well

Halfway to Heaven

Robbie Masso is a published poet and photographer, as well as an abstract artist. Check out his website!