Apostrophe to Rene

A poem by Rodney Richards

You wrote in Meditations

you are a human of substance


So am I Rene, and I am so


And I think, Rene,

and even if I didn’t

I may be human form also

containing more

than just a wandering thought


My components like

yours, body including all twelve systems

and Soul system as you pointed out

interwoven like Persian tapestry

yet unique


First the Rational Soul

or Mind and its powers:




Memory and

Common Faculty

that unites and unties all our others


The five most cited or ten or twenty-one

senses of the body like

Sight, and Hearing and Touch and Smell

and the like

inseparably linked in living beings


Each intertwined with the Lodestones

of our Hearts,

the Seats of Power

and Energy unlimited

for the whole to partake


The Heart feeling,




et al

The commonest faculty

of life itself


It’s motive power


But It is not a power

to be objectified

and sung about or sung to

or eulogized


No, No, much, much more


Its beat beats all the rest


A City of thrumming in and of Thyself

The god within

perhaps with capital G


Alive and thriving




as streets and avenues

laid upon a barescape


And He has said


“I hath chosen from the whole world

the Cities of men’s hearts”

Rodney Richards lives with his wife in a rancher in the “very center of the Great State of New Jersey”.

He loves writing, and is the author of the memoir Episodes (ABLiA Media), available from Amazon.


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