A poem by Rodney Richards

‘A parody of namesake L. Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”.’

Twas thrilling and the slimy toads
Did fly and flutter twixt reddened moons
All flimsy t’were the borey troves
As house rats drank swirling hot frappes

“Compare Its slithery mocks my girl!
The teeth that tear, the nails that scratch!
Compare the hard-shelled snake, and run,
The furious Candy Catcher’s rump!”

Took young Hobbit’s Sting in hand;
Aforetime’s awesome Smaug he fought
Cloaked in gold doubloons and jewels
Under molderin’ domes of castle rocks

And deep in scoffish laughs it schemes
Comes ill-famed Girt with hearts of stone
Crawls sniffing in the ash-filled groves
And chortles fearness as it grows.

Not once, but thrice our hero douses Its fires
As flames of apathy surround her Shire
And girl of cockiness thrusts and parries
Til monstrous face of love’s hurts tires

Sting of titanium “Zings!” and “Zangs!”
Through Girt’s thickset spiteful grooves
Til died of daughter’s poems desirous
And withered unto death, not bemoaned

Her father asks of kilk and kin
“Didst thou see my girl of elfish skin?
Enter my home and breaths now thin
O fab’jous Moons and Suns at highest!

“For Unnamed hurts and killers dead
Slain by love’s kind darts of lead
Thrust thrice ensconced throughout
Its gruesome dual-pronged head”

Rodney Richards lives with his wife in a rancher in the “very center of the Great State of New Jersey”.

He loves writing, and is the author of the memoir Episodes (ABLiA Media), available from Amazon.


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